Kate Kobak

Champaign, IL



About Fabrikate

My most precious memories include sitting on the floor by my mom's sewing machine as she turned out an endless stream of crafts, dance and Halloween costumes and bridesmaid dresses. I was raised dreaming up my ultimate school clothing and watching her make these visions come to life before my eyes. The hum of her machine was home to me and so was she.

In about third grade I was asked to leave Brownies because I was pretty outspoken in my disapproval of making vests out of paper bags and the problems it posed to our abilities to wear them outside in the rain.

My cast iron Singer 241-12 has assembled miles and miles of curtains, costumes, clothing, home furnishings, bags and wallets all with my beloved dog on the couch or at my feet snoring peacefully. I am never happier or more at home than when I sit there feeding the fabric through her and spending time with that meditative hum. And now my daughter sits with me, drawing at my feet on her clipboard, testing out each zipper, closure and adjustable strap or filling the pockets of my bags with kisses and kind thoughts for my clients.

Our bags hold our treasures and necessities. They go everywhere with us.

I love working with clients to make the bag of your dreams exist as it should in real time. I love thinking of all the places my bags go with you and experiences you have while carrying my creations, whether two of you who don't know each other may cross paths while carrying something I've made. Think of me with positivity, happiness and good thoughts each time you zip or snap them up.