Salvaged steel, locally sourced wood, raw welds, live edges and stainless steel fasteners. This collection is an exploration into alternative outcomes for discarded materials. Pieces are designed to accent the organic beauty of the wood against the stark industrial nature of the salvaged steel.

The work is a series of table lamps, floor lamps, tables, and other objects. Bases are made from the discarded pieces of fabrication. They are made from the parts left behind; material from between the pieces being fabricated. These “drops” are destined for the scrap heap, yet they possess unique shapes and textures.

The wood used is sourced from urban logging operations. Storm fallen trees, damaged trees and trees removed from right of ways and construction sites. Each piece is designed to emphasize the soft organic beauty of the wood against the severity of the steel bases. The wood is finished with a clear low VOC European hard wax oil. No stains or dyes are used in the process.

The pieces are designed to emphasize rather than hide the industrial nature of their heritage. Fasteners are exposed and highlighted rather than hidden. Welds are left raw and textured rather than smoothed and blended. An important part of the process is limiting the modifications and alterations to each component, striving to keep the wood and the steel as close to their original forms as possible.

As the series progresses, it is interesting to discover how the works evolve based on the availability of the raw materials. The steel components change depending on what shapes are available from the scrap pile. Each wooden piece is unique in size, shape, and grain pattern from the last. The goal is to create a beautiful functional piece of art from ordinary materials.