2021 Sugar Creek Arts Festival Artists

The event is held October 9 & 10, 2021 in Uptown Normal

David Abrahamson, Painting

Tedra Ashley-Wannemuehler, Jewelry

Christine Baker, Other

James Behmke, Photography

Nisa Blackmon, Jewelry

Joseph Bodus, Other

Justin Bollini Wood

Taylor Braasch, Painting

Reenie Bradley, Wood

Peter Brown, Glass

Eli Brown, Painting

Ryan Brown, Wood

Jon Bryan, Wood

John Bumgarner, Painting

Shiela Cahill, Glass

Bekki Canine, Painting

Denise Cardinal, Other

Heema Choudhury, Painting

Mollie Chounard, Painting

Fernando Cornejo, Painting

Sean Corner, Sculpture

Bill Crabill, Photography

Jerry Crable, Sculpture

Jacque Crable, Sculpture

Kent Crutcher, Wood

Deana Curcio, Jewelry

Julie Dancs, Fiber

Liz Davidson, Fiber

Rick Decorie, Photography

Daniel Driggs, Painting

Brock Eddleman, Glass

Pamela Ek, Painting

Kathy Fields, Jewelry

Molly Foust, Ceramics

Erin Furimsky, Ceramics

Su Ge, Painting

Vanessa Gerig, Other

Shea Grehan, Photography

Edward Gullo, Glass

Howard Hammel, Photography

Jacalyn Hadley, Photography

Jeff Hart, Wood

Rachel Haynes, Sculpture

Claire Hedden, Ceramics

Deb Helgeson, Painting

Sandra Holt, Fiber

Lori Huddleston, Jewelry

Vicki Moberstag, Ceramics

Connie Ingmire, Fiber

Wiley Jenkins, Sculpture

Lisa Kesler, Painting

Kara Kirchner,Fiber

Lindsey Kirk, Jewelry

Frank Kobilsek, Wood

Amy Koch, Other

Beverly Kontney, Jewelry

Chris Kukla, Ceramics

Ken Kwiatkowski, Other

Philippe Laine, Fiber

Sheila Lamberson, Painting

Barry Lane, Ceramics

Robin Lauersdorf, Graphics

Henry Litchfield, Jewelry

Shandor Madjar, Jewelry

Edward Martin, Glass

Steven Martin, Wood

Barb Mason, Jewelry

Kelly McCleary, Fiber

Josh Meier, Photography

Cynthia Merrill, Ceramics

Jill Miller, Fiber

Sean Miller, Painting

Erika Moeglich, Jewelry

Deana Moore Schoolcraft, Painting

Anne Morris, Other

Terri Myer, Painting

Sue Necessary, Other

Addy Neilson, Jewelry

Rachel Newell, Other

Hua Nian, Painting

Judy O'Connell, Glass

Jody Ochs, Jewelry

Emma Oliver, Fiber

Sue Pasetti, Glass

Angela Pierce, Other

Dylan Punke, Photography

Dave Reckhouse, Sculpture

William Richards, Photography

John Riss, Wood

Carolina Rodriguez, Graphics

Mandy Roeing, Painting

Andrea Rudisill, Painting

Linda Silver, Fiber

Anthony Slichenmyer, Sculpture

Lisa Slodki, Jewelry

Tim Spicknell, Glass

Judy Steffens, Painting

Scott Sternberg, Photography

Shelby Stewart, Painting

Kit Sunderland, Painting

Joyce Surbeck, Ceramics

Jackie Tice, Painting

Patty Tiry ,Jewelry

Matthew Urban, Glass

William Waite, Wood

Jon Walton, Photography

Adrian Wesley, Jewelry

Richard Wehrs, Ceramics

Robin Willey, Ceramics

Carolyn & Leonard Wilson, Glass

Lou Zale, Graphics


Our Festival Visitors:

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